What is CNC Turning Cutting?

Abstract Turning cutting is lathe processing and lathe machining is part of machining. The Turning cutting machine mainly uses a Turning cutting tool to turn the rotating workpiece. On the lathe, drills, reamer, reamer, taps, dies and knurling tools can also be used for machining. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, discs, sleeves and other workpieces with a rotating surface. They are the most widely used type of machine tool in machine building and repair plants. 1. The working principle of Turning cutting The workpiece is rotated, and the Turning cutting tool performs a straight or curved movement in … Read more

Rare earth hard alloy and its properties

I. Overview Cemented carbide is also known as the "teeth" of the industry. Since its inception, as an efficient tool material and structural material, its application field has been continuously expanded, which has played an important role in promoting industrial development and scientific and technological progress. In the past 20 years, tungsten-cobalt-base d cemented carbides have been widely used in metal cutting, metal forming tools, mining drilling, and wear parts because of their high hardness, toughness and excellent wear resistance compared to other hard alloys. . Cemented carbide has a series of excellent performance characteristics: it has high hardness and … Read more

2018 Research Progress On Energy Storage And Power Battery

1. 1 cathode material Lithium-ion battery cathode materials are mainly divided into lithium-rich manganese-based materials, ternary composite materials, spinel-type LiMn 2 O 4 , lithium iron phosphate and lithium nickel manganese oxide. Li-rich manganese-based solid solution cathode material Li 1 + x M 1 – x O 2 (M is a transition metal such as Ni, Co and Mn) with high specific capacity (> 200 mAh/g), high energy density, low cost and environmental protection Friendly, etc., but there are shortcomings such as low initial discharge efficiency, low coulombic efficiency, poor cycle life, unsatisfactory high temperature performance, and low rate performance. … Read more

What is drilling and what drilling tools are there?

Drilling machine is a machine tool for machining internal holes. It is used to machine holes in solid materials. It is mainly used for machining workpieces with complex shapes and without symmetrical rotation axes, such as single holes on parts such as levers, covers, boxes and frames. Hole system. The drilling is rough machining. • Process characteristics of drilling (1) When the drill bit is cut in a semi-closed state, the amount of cutting is large,and chip removal is difficult. (2) The friction is severe, generating more heat and making h eat dissipation difficult. (3) The high speed and high … Read more

Nanomaterial: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

What is nanomaterial? Introduction: The nano concept is 1959, and the Nobel Prize was presented by Richard Feynman in a speech. In his “There is plenty of room at the bottom” speech, he mentioned that humans can make machines smaller than their size with macroscopic machines, and this smaller machine can make smaller machines, thus achieving molecular scale step by step. That is, the production equipment is reduced step by step, and finally the atoms are arranged directly according to the wishes, and the products are manufactured. He predicted that chemistry would become a technical problem of accurately placing atoms … Read more

From nature to bionics: the past and present of superhydrophobic materials

What is a superhydrophobic material? The superhydrophobic material is a material that is repulsive to water, and the water droplets are not slidably spread on the surface thereof to maintain the spherical shape, thereby achieving the effect of rolling self-cleaning. Wettability is one of the important properties of the surface of solid materials. The key factors determining the surface wetting properties of the material include the chemical composition of the surface of the material and the microscopic geometry of the surface. Therefore, scientists have a surface with a static water contact angle greater than 150° and a rolling angle less … Read more

5 Types Of Tool Materials You Can Choose From

Advanced processing equipment and high-performance cutting tools can fully utilize its due performance and achieve good economic benefits. With the rapid development of tool materials, the physical, mechanical properties and cutting performance of various new tool materials have been greatly improved, and the application range has been continuously expanded. Today we will focus on how to properly select cutting tool materials. Tool materials should have basic performance The choice of tool materials has a great impact on tool life, machining efficiency, machining quality and machining costs. The tool must withstand high pressure, high temperature, friction, shock and vibration when cutting. … Read more

Texture in metallic materials and its effect on properties

Introduction Usually, the metal material is a polycrystal composed of a large number of crystal grains. When the grain orientation of a polycrystal is concentrated around a certain reference plane (or direction) of a macroscopic material, it is called a preferred orientation, and the texture is Preferred orientation of polycrystals. In a broad sense, the phenomenon that the grain orientation deviates from the random distribution in the polycrystal can be called texture. In metallic materials, the existence of texture phenomena is universal. The external temperature field, electromagnetic field, strain field and anisotropy inside the crystal can cause texture. For example, … Read more

Micro-plastic, the "invisible killer" that harms the global environment

A recent “Chinese takeaway is bringing a catastrophe to the world” suddenly burst into red, once again triggered people’s concern about plastic pollution. Although I don’t agree with some of the views on this article, the unexpected plastic pollution situation described in the section is worth pondering. It refers to plastic particles, which are the micro-plastics mentioned in this article. The term micro-plastic has been frequently seen in the media in recent years and has gradually attracted the attention of all sectors of society, but many people still know very little about it. So what is microplastic? At first glance, … Read more

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