Are You Familiar with These Commonly Used CNC Woodworking Carving Tools? 1

Engraving knife types

Single edge milling cutter, double-edged milling cutter, double-edged ball end cutter, straight slotted cylindrical cutter, flat bottomed pointed cutter, straight grooved cutter, 3D V-shaped cutter, etc

The use difference and characteristics of carving knife

1、 Engraving knife is used for cutting and carving acrylic, P, plastic, PVC, aluminum plastic plate, cork, aluminum plate, etc.     

2、 Features: using cemented carbide tool body, unique edge mirror grinding technology, and high capacity chip removal groove, the cutter has no chip sticking, low heat and high finish in high-speed cutting

3、 Material: tungsten steel, high speed steel, cemented carbide

4、 The difference between single edge and double edge: the cutting efficiency of single edge milling cutter is low, because at the same speed, there is less one edge, but the surface finish is good, and the cutting efficiency of double edge milling cutter is high. However, due to the difference of cutting angle and cutting height between the two edges, the machined surface may be slightly worse.

Are You Familiar with These Commonly Used CNC Woodworking Carving Tools? 2

Five factors affecting the process

1. Type and thickness of processing materials

2. Processing speed

3、 Tool speed

4、 Processing pattern type

5、 Assembly machinery

Precautions for use

In order to obtain better cutting surface and prolong tool life. Be sure to use high precision, high rigidity milling cutter and machine.

1、 Before using the tool, please check the tool runout. When the tool deflection accuracy exceeds 0.01mm, please correct it before cutting.

2、 The shorter the length of the tool extending out of the chuck, the better. If the extension of the tool is longer, please adjust the rotation speed, feed rate or cutting amount by yourself.

3、 In case of abnormal vibration or sound during cutting, please adjust the spindle speed and cutting amount until the condition is improved.

4、 The cutting mode is affected by the workpiece, machine and software. After the cutting condition is stable, the feed rate can be increased by 30% ~ 50%.

Mechanical classification

Mechanical engraving machine (also known as CNC engraving machine) according to its different application fields, there are generally advertising engraving machine, woodworking carving machine, metal engraving machine, etc. Advertising engraving machines are generally used for engraving and cutting of acrylic, PVC, hibiscus board, density board and so on. They are widely used in the production of advertising products and handicrafts

Wood carving machines are generally used for carving of solid wood and bamboo products, which are used in furniture, home decoration and wood crafts; metal carving machines are mainly used for some metal processing. As a necessary wear and tear part of engraving machine, engraving cutter is classified according to its application scope and field. Generally, there are the following types: milling cutter, pointed cutter (taper cutter), 3D cutter (3D cutter), cylindrical cutter, bottom cleaning cutter, lace cutter, etc. The types and categories of milling cutter, sharp cutter and 3D cutter are the most. According to different processing requirements and material selection, there are usually different types of cutters to match

Processing classification

Acrylic cutting

It is recommended to use the imported single edge milling cutter series. It is characterized by smokeless and tasteless processing, high speed, high efficiency, no chip sticking, and environmental protection. Its special manufacturing process ensures that the processing of acrylic does not burst, and the surface is smooth and smooth, which is unmatched by other brands of cutters. It is recommended to use double edge or three edge spiral milling cutter.

Are You Familiar with These Commonly Used CNC Woodworking Carving Tools? 3

Cutting and processing of density board

It is recommended to use double edge large chip removal spiral milling cutter. It has two high-capacity chip removal grooves and double edge design, which not only has good chip removal function, but also achieves good tool balance. When processing medium and high density boards, it does not blacken, smoke, and has long service life. The double edge milling cutter with imported tungsten steel will perform better in service life and processing efficiency.

Are You Familiar with These Commonly Used CNC Woodworking Carving Tools? 4

Aluminum plate cutting

It is recommended to use the special aluminum milling cutter with single edge, which is fast and efficient.

Precision small relief processing

It is recommended to use a round base cutter. Cork, density board, primary wood, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, recommended to use single edge spiral ball end milling cutter.

It is recommended to use single edge and double edge up and down milling cutter.

Metal carving

It is recommended to use single blade, double edge straight groove flat bottomed sharp knife.

3D knife

high concentricity, sharp edge, can be used for precision 3D engraving.