Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies

Tungsten carbide drawing dies, also called as cemented carbide drawing pellets are widely used in drawing metal and non-metal industry. They can be used in drawing steel wires, steel bars, and tubes, etc. And air condition tubes are drawn by carbide floating plug which is a very special drawing tool.

Tungsten carbide drawing die is produced by powder metallurgy with components of tungsten carbide and cobalt. Because of the high wear resistance, excellent polishing, small adhesion, and small friction, our carbide drawing dies can provide a long lifetime.

Meetyou Carbide dies can be relied upon to draw the shape you want within the tolerance required. Special coatings like titanium nitride/titanium carbide or vanadium carbide are available on request to further enhance die life.


Les fours HIP contrôlés par ordinateur avancés sont appliqués pour fournir plus de pression pendant le processus de frittage afin d'obtenir une structure plus dense.


Nous sélectionnons et contrôlons soigneusement l'excellente qualité de nos poudres brutes. La technologie de séchage par pulvérisation de poudre assure l'uniformité de la distribution des particules.

En traitement
Dans la maison.

Nous offrons à nos clients une large gamme de services de traitement sur site, y compris le meulage sans centre, le meulage cylindrique CNC, le meulage interne CNC, l'électroérosion à fil et la gravure au laser, etc.

Types of carbide drawings die

Carbide Wire Drawing Dies

The wire drawing process involves drawing a wire of a larger diameter through a die with a smaller diameter bore. This reduces the diameter of the wire to produce the desired size and tolerance of the wire, while the volume remains the same.

copper wire drawing

Carbide Bar Drawing Die

Drawing bars and rods is similar to drawing wires, only they tend to be much thicker. A wide variety of metals are used for this purpose, including many steel and copper alloys.

Carbide Tube Drawing Dies

The process is similar to the wire drawing process. However, a mandrel is used to form the inner dimensions of the tubing. The mandrel is placed at the throat of the die and used to determine the wall thickness and inner diameter. A properly formed mandrel will provide for a smooth surface on the inside of the tube or pipe.


Shaped Carbide Drawing Dies

No matter which kind of shape, we can provide customized solutions for you. Here are some typical shaped carbide drawing dies:

  • Round Drawing Dies
  • Hexagon Drawing Dies
  • Square Drawing Dies
  • Rectangle Drawing Dies
  • Custom Shapes

OEM Service personnalisé

Nous pouvons développer des nuances selon vos besoins et faire la même forme que votre dessin. Le marquage laser et l'emballage neutre sont également disponibles pour vos avantages.

La note

Tableau des notes
Grain Size(um)

• Steel wire
• Stainless steel wire
• Copper wire
• Aluminum wire
• Tungsten wire
• Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types


YG3XExcellent wear resistance,suitable for drawing steel,nonferrous metal and alloy wires less than Φ2mm under low stress,especially having better effect for drawing fine wires less than Φ0.6mm.
YG6Good wear resistance, suitable for drawing steel wires, nonferrous metal wires and alloy wires or bars less than Φ20mm under low stress, also for drawing tubes less than Φ10mm.
YG6XGood wear resistance, suitable for drawing steel wires, nonferrous metal wires and alloy wires or bars less than Φ6mm under low stress.
YG8Good wear resistance and strength, suitable for drawing steel, nonferrous metal and alloy bars less than Φ35mm.
YG15Suitable for drawing steel bars and tubes under very high stress.