Hobbing Tool,A Powerful Weapon for Gear Machining 1

 With the increasing demand of manufacturing accuracy, production efficiency and machining quality in the gear processing industry, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of gear cutting tools. Now, thanks to the advanced high-precision gear hobbing and shaping tools, we can process the gear with module M3.5 – M11 in the machining center to ensure that the gear processing is more efficient and flexible.

Finish machining parts by multi task machine tool at one time

Similar to gear shaping, advanced hobbing and gear shaping tools will enable us to process gears close to the shaft shoulder, bringing excellent solutions for the processing of internal gears, external gears, straight cylindrical gears and helical gears. In addition, we can finish the fine machining of parts by clamping on one machine tool at a time, so as to significantly shorten the processing time, improve the product quality and save the internal transfer time and cost. We can use gear hobbing tool on multi task machine or machining center, without special machine tool for gear machining.

In addition, the gear hobbing cutter adopts the indexable carbide technology, effectively prolonging the service life of the cutter. Compared with the high-speed steel gear hobbing cutter, it is more durable, making gear processing more secure.

Hobbing Tool,A Powerful Weapon for Gear Machining 2
Hobbing Tool,A Powerful Weapon for Gear Machining 3

Gear hobbing tools will help us significantly improve our productivity. Compared with gear or spline machining, gear hobbing will save two thirds of the time. At the same time, it is more flexible than broaching.

High precision, more time-saving

With the help of this high-speed gear hobbing tool, we can save time, improve machining accuracy and effectively avoid repetitive errors. Under the ideal working condition, we can process high precision gear. This tool is very suitable for grinding, shaving and even finishing.

As hobbing and slotting tools are used in multi task machine tools, they often need to change tools quickly. We can use the high productivity of indexable tools in rough machining and the high precision of the whole tool in finish machining, so as to shorten the machining cycle, achieve high precision and extend the life of finish machining tools.

Customized solutions

Hobbing Tool,A Powerful Weapon for Gear Machining 4

This multi-purpose customized cutter is recommended for machining internal gear, external gear, straight cylindrical gear and helical gear with different tooth profiles, and also for compound machining of tooth top trimming. Suitable for spline with module M2.5 and above and gear processing with module M3.5 – M11. We will provide suitable cemented carbide materials according to our processing conditions.

Processing case

Spline shaft

Material: C45

Hardness: 240 HB

Modulus: 5

Tooth number: 26

Pressure angle: 30 °

Tool installation angle: 25 °

Tooth width: 71 mm

Processing effect:

The spline is divided into six parts, each of which has a processing time of about 45 seconds and a total processing time of about 5 minutes; the processing time is about 1 / 2 of the high-speed steel gear hob and 1 / 5 of the high-speed steel gear shaper.

Hobbing Tool,A Powerful Weapon for Gear Machining 5

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