Carburo di tungsteno
Ugelli abrasivi a getto d'acqua

Mixing Tube For Abrasive Waterjet Machine

Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles are also called mixing tubes or focusing tubes which are replacement waterjet spare parts mainly installed in taglio a getto d'acqua machines like OMAX, WARDJet, KMT, Flow, AccuStream, etc. And they can cut materials such as metal, ceramic, stone, glass, and other materials. They are especially wear-resistant. In particular, when compressing water to 42,000 Psi and shoot it out of the nozzles, the water can cut inch-thick metal easily by using the aforementioned 42,000 Psi water jet laced with garnet abrasive.

In addition to the great performance of wear resistance, We want to ensure you have the right solution for the best cost-effectiveness, too. So we have developed 4 innovative product lines of Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles. Besides, our mixing tubes are suitable for all modern cutting head systems, therefore they can definitely help you to cut out the way of success.

Our Materials

Standard MT100
  • Ideal price/performance ratio
  • The standard line continues to succeed
  • Tool life is guaranteed for up to 80 hours

Density: 15.3-15.4 g/cm3

Rockwell hardness: 96.5HRA


Advanced MT200
  • Tool life increased by 15%
  • High-tech grade
  • Higher cutting effect
  • Abrasive consumption is reduced
  • Economical replacement for ROCTEC 100 from Kennametal

Density: 15.4-15.5g/cm3

Rockwell hardness: 97.5HRA


Performance MT300
  • Tool life increased by 20%
  • World-class quality abrasive water jet nozzle technologies
  • Long tool life is guaranteed. High-tech grade
  • The best balance of hardness and toughness
  • Higher cutting effect
  • Abrasive consumption is reduced
  • Economical replacement for ROCTEC 500 from Kennametal

Density: 15.5-15.6g/cm3

Rockwell hardness: 98HRA


Our Competence

Great Material

polished carbide rod

Thanks to our own quality carbide rod production line with binderless tungsten carbide powder, the material stands for the highest density and hardness.

Advanced Facilities

Wire EDM Machine

Within our grind workshops, such as centerless grinding, wire EDM, laser etching and electric pulse machines ensure the accuracy and finish quality.

OEM Services

Laser marking

We offer laser marking services that allow you to sell nozzles at your brand with ease. Different packages are also available for you to choose from.

Metric and Inch Size

ØD Ød l
[mm] [inch] [mm] [inch] [mm] [inch]
6.00 0.236 0.51 0.020 70.00 2.76
6.35 1/4 0.60 0.023 76.20 3
6.69 0.263 0.76 0.030 88.90 3.5
6.70 0.264 0.84 0.033 101.60 4
7.00 0.276 0.89 0.035 127.00 5
7.14 9/32 0.91 0.036 152.40 6
7.62 0.300 1.02 0.040
7.97 0.313 1.14 0.045
9.00 0.354 1.20 0.047
9.43 0.371 1.27 0.050


Factors affecting the lifetime


  • Whether the inner diameter of the orifice and the inner diameter of the mixing tube is 1: 3, for example, the inner diameter of the mixing tube is 1.02mm, and the inner diameter of the orifice should be 0.3mm. In this way, the wear from the wall is minimal.
  • The size and quality of the garnet. Excessive and impure waterjet garnet will accelerate the wear of the waterjet nozzles.
  • Dirty, hard, and insufficiently filtered water can easily destroy the nozzles under ultra-high pressure, and the emitted water can scatter and quickly damage the inner wall of the mixing tube.
  • The main influencing factor is the concentricity of the orifice and the mixing tube. Even if there is only a very small deviation of the concentricity, it will also cause the tilt of the water column, which directly impacts on one side of the inner wall of the mixing tube, thus quickly wears out the tube and at the same time will cause weak cutting and slow down the cutting speed.