Metal Working Blanks

Il controllo e lo sviluppo dell'intero processo produttivo ci consentono di garantire la qualità dei nostri utensili in metallo duro. Per prima cosa determiniamo la composizione della polvere, quindi prepariamo la polvere, stampando, sinterizzando, macinando e rivestendo fino alla raffinazione della superficie.

In order to obtain effective results, the processing material must be optimized for the application and suitable for the material to be processed. We tailor our materials to our customers. So whether it is carbide roller or carbide brazed tips, our hard metal tool has a longer tool life and working efficiency.

Compared to traditional material

Carbide tools resist abrasion very well. They can also withstand very high temperatures--much higher than steel. Tools containing carbide tips maintain a sharper cutting edge better than steel tools, they generally produce a better finish when cutting, provide a cleaner and smoother cut. And their temperature resistance allows faster machining.

Using carbide tools has several advantages:

  • Carbide tools are very efficient because they retain their cutting edge.
  • Retains hardness when machining at high temperatures which are generated by high cutting speeds.
  • Carbide tools have a longer working life.
  • Using carbide tools can achieve a better surface finish quality.

Higher Temperture


More hardness


Faster cutting speed


Longer tool life


PCB Industry

PCB Lead cutter used in PCB lead cutting machine

Metal Cutting

Carbide inserts blanks and carbide brazed tips can be used in cutting various metals.