Tyre Shredder Blade Replacement for Zerma Rubber tyre Shredder

Industrial shredder blades for breaking purposes

These shredder cutters are very durable and wear-resistant so they can be installed on the shredder machines and these knives will break the materials like plastic, rubber, tire into small pieces.

Material: Tungsten Carbide

Standard Size of Blade

Other sizes are also available upon request

Lama per trituratore di pneumatici

This blade is installed in ZERMA Rubber Tyre Shredder Machine ZXS T model, which is used for cutting rubber and plastic.

For the recycling of complete truck and tractor tires the ZXS T model is configured with special wear protection and knives.

The ZXS shredders use larger concave ground square knives, producing high quality output. The cutters can be turned after a side is worn out.

All ZERMA shredders are equipped with a large diameter flat rotor. The knives are fixed in special knife holders fitted in machined pockets. Optional weld on hard facing is available for abrasive applications.

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