MEETYOU CARBIDE produces a wide range of excellent 炭化タングステン products (especially carbide rods, carbide blanks, carbide flat bar, tungsten carbide cold heading dies and tungsten carbide wire drawing dies), both standard and customized in accordance with customers’ needs. For example, in the past few years, we helped many companies to choose the best grade for their application, resulting in more effective and durable tools.In the past few years, compared with other tungsten carbide rod suppliers, we helped many companies to choose the best grade for their application, resulting in more effective and durable tools. For example, we developed MT12S grade which is consisted of 12% Cobalt with grain size under 0.6um WC as a replacement for previous 0.8um grain size for a carbide cutting tool company, helping them make harder and stronger tool. Plus, we also reduce the cost of material by more than 5%. As a tungsten carbide supplier, we will do our best.

 Also, product quality and process efficiency are examined by the strictest international standards. Strict control of our raw material supply chains and 100% traceability for every product batch throughout the entire manufacturing process.

 What is tungsten carbide rod?

Cemented carbide rods are an alloy product made by a powder metallurgy process.

The main characteristics of cemented carbide rods are stable mechanical properties, easy welding, high wear resistance and perfect impact resistance. Carbide rod is usually superior for the cutting of tough materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, as well as in situations where other cutting tools would wear away faster, such as high-quantity production runs.

Applications of tungsten carbide rods


The Grade Chart

グレード MT09UMT10SMT12SMT25SMT06UMT20.8
ISO範囲 K10〜K20K20〜K40K20〜K40K20〜K40K05〜K10K40〜K50
WC +その他の超硬%9190888893.585
密度g /㎝³14.514.4214.1214.114.8513.95
HRA 93.591.591.292.593.589.5
抗折力N /mm²380041004200440037003800
kpsi 590609638540551551

The application

グレード プロパティとアプリケーション
MT09U Ultra-fine grain WC with 9%Co Very high wear resistance and excellent deformation resistance High cutting speed milling, finishing For use on hardened steel, plastics, fibre reinforced materials, HRC55-65
MT10S Ultra-fine grain WC with 10%Co  Very high wear resistance and excellent deformation resistance High cutting speed milling&drilling For general usage and suitable for all kinds of material belowHRC45
MT12S Submicron grain WC with 12%Co High toughness and wear resistance Specially designed for machining stainless steel For use on stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium alloy and special alloy
MT25S Ultra-fine grain WC with 12%Co Very high toughness and high wear resistance Suitable for finishing processing and roughing of steels with hardness between 45 and 55HRC steels for surface treatments, nickel and nickel alloys
MT06U Submicron grain WC with 6% Co Very high wear resistance High cutting speed For drilling and milling of plastic composites, PCB, ceramics, woods and MDF
MT20.8 Submicron grain WC with 15%Co High strength and toughness High-speed punching For use on solid carbide punches

 Three production models

Tungsten Carbide Rod Supplier In China 1


押出は、カーバイドロッドを製造する最も一般的な方法です。 330mm.310mmや500mmなどの長いカーバイドロッドを製造するための非常に実用的な方法です。しかし、時間のかかる乾燥プロセスは、私たちが注意しなければならない欠点です。

Tungsten Carbide Rod Supplier In China 2


自動プレスは、6 * 50、10 * 75、16 * 100などの短いサイズをプレスする最も効果的な方法です。カーバイドロッドを切断することでコストを節約でき、乾燥する時間も必要ありません。したがって、リードタイムは押し出しよりも速くなります。一方、この方法では長い棒は製造できません。

Tungsten Carbide Rod Supplier In China 3


冷間静水圧プレス(CIP)は、超硬ロッドを製造する最新の技術です。 400mmのような長い棒を作ることができますが、押し出しのようなワックスを必要としないので、乾燥する時間も必要ありません。これは、30mmや40mmのような大きな直径を作る場合に最適なオプションです。

Why we are a good tungsten carbide rod supplier?

✔100% virgin material from Germany Powder H.C.Starck

✔Raw material stock available

✔Custom case sizes available

✔Various carbide grades available

✔Low cost 

Our aim is to satisfy our customers, and we regard “the best can be better” and “to maximize the satisfaction of customers” as its operation commitment. MEETYOU CARBIDE will be with you for a bright future.

“It really saves me time and effort. Meetyou Carbide’s carbide rod is exactly what our business has been lacking. It provides value more than its cost.”

– Jacquetta R.


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