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Cold Heading Dies Pellets, also called as carbide forging dies, are used for mold pellets in the field of chemistry, food, machinery, architecture, etc. Meetyou Carbide manufacture all kinds of tungsten carbide cold heading dies.

Cold heading is a manufacturing process that uses high-speed part formers to shape wire into intricate parts. These machines can produce 400 pieces per minute and can transform a simple piece of wire into a highly detailed part. The process involves putting a defined length of wire into a die that extrudes the wire into the desired shape.

The dies are heavier than punches and must be designed to withstand high loads. Cold headers typically use a radial extrusion die to increase the flow pattern of wire through the die. These dies generally require wire that is at least two times larger than the finished shank diameter. The wire is then extruded through the die until it reaches the diameter of the shank, which is upset to the dimensions of the head.

Another process used to manufacture cold headed parts is reverse extrusion. The metal is forced through the die using high pressure and a large screw. This method is more economical if large quantities of parts are manufactured. In addition, hydrostatic extrusion allows complex parts to be produced in one station. The process is also environmentally friendly, creating less scrap and resulting in a cleaner work environment.

A cold heading machine also requires a specific cutting method to cut off the coil. This method is different for each brand, but generally includes a cut-off knife that strikes the wire in a defined direction. In addition, some cold header machines have several parts that help in the process.

More than 800 kinds of sizes are available with accurate dimensions, coarse and fine grain size, and the polished surface can also be provided.

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입자 크기

KN151   Suitable for Mold of High Wear Resistance with Small Reduction in Diameter

KN152   Inner diameter Φ2.1 and below nut and bolt die for stainless steel.

KN201   Suitable for molds to make a straight rod, screws, nuts, High impact fastener etc

KN202    Inner diameter Φ2.1 and above nut and bolt die for stainless steel.KN221   High impact fastener, nut forming dies

KN251  Suitable for High impact fastener Heavy loads nut molds。