Solid Carbide Flat Bar For Tungsten Carbide Strips

Tungsten carbide strips are widely used in the woodworking industry. They are usually cut and ground for many sizes of knives and cutters. As a professional carbide strip supplier, we manufacture and stock different types of cemented tungsten carbide strips:

  • STB Type: STB Carbide Strips
  • Type S: Rectangular carbide flat bar blanks
  • Type SE:  One angle carbide flat bar blanks
  • Type SEE: Two angle carbide flat bar blanks 


The advanced computer-controlled HIP furnaces are applied to provide more pressure during the sintering process in order to get denser structure.


We carefully select and control the excellent quality of our raw powders. Powder spray drying technology ensures the uniformity of distribution of particles.

In house.

We offer customers a wide array of processing services on-site including centerless grinding, CNC cylindrical grinding, CNC internal grinding, wire EDM, and laser etching, etc.

OEM Custom Service

We can develop grades as per your requirement and make the same shape as your drawing. Laser marking and neutral package are also available for your benefits.

The Grade

Grade Chart
Grade GrainCoHRAT.R.S.Application
MT08U 0.54%94.52800HDF/MDF
MT10U 0.6 6%93.23000Solid Wood/MDF
MT30U 0.8 10%92.03800Wood
MT6X 1.0 6%91.53000Wood
The Application