What is ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide ?

Ultra-fine grain cemented carbide is a high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance both carbide, and the processing of mutual adsorption - diffusion effect is small, suitable for processing heat-resistant alloy steel, titanium, high High strength non-metallic brittle materials and metal materials such as glass, marble, granite, Plastic reinforced glass fiberboard and other cutting and non-ferrous metals tungsten, molybdenum and other alloy processing.

Great Cutting Tool Material

ultra-fine grain cemented carbide
ultra-fine grain cemented carbide

As the ultra-fine grain cemented carbide with high toughness and strength, high hardness and wear resistance, so as a cutting tool to obtain high-precision edge, allowing the use of large rake angle to ensure sharp blade edge. So that it can withstand a large cutting force, and can get a high finish of the machined surface. It can improve the precision of the tool and the finish of the machined material by 1 ~ 3, especially in the processing of heat-resistant alloy, titanium alloy, chilled cast iron and other aspects show good cutting performance.

Ultra-fine grain carbide cutting tool processing high-strength steel, heat-resistant alloys and stainless steel, its lifetime is more than P01 or K10 alloy doubled.

Such as Meetyou ultra-fine grain carbide cutting tool processing these materials than ordinary carbide cutting tool life is more than 10 times higher.

The development of ultrafine grain cemented carbide has been developed to build the foundation of cemented carbide end mills and carbide twist drills. Carbide end mills and twist drills are generally made of high strength, high hardness, ultrafine grain cemented carbide to ensure the cutting performance of the center edge.

Fresas de topo de metal duro

Carbide end mills are widely used in the mold industry (especially plastic mold industry), the automotive industry, IT and related industries. The plastic industry has a large number of pre-hardened HRC30-34 plastic mold steel as raw materials, in which the hardness of its machinability is poor, only the use of carbide end mills to high efficiency processing of good surface roughness of high precision mode Cavity. At present, carbide end mills have been used in automobile production lines, IT and related industries extensive use of Ф0.1 ~ 8mm overall carbide end mill processing glass fiber reinforced printed circuit board around and micro-processing.

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Solid Carbide Twist Drill is rapidly evolving to meet the high efficiency of the automotive industry and the processing of plastic reinforced glass fiber boards (PCBs) in the IT industry. Drilling on the PCB, the hole of the hole without glass fiber hair, high-speed steel twist drill can not meet the requirements, and must use the overall carbide twist drill. With the rapid development of electronics, information and other industries, the demand for carbide twist drill will be growing.

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