Tungsten carbide agriculture wear parts play an important role in the agricultural sector. These parts are designed to protect vital machinery parts against damage and extend the working life of farm machinery. The use of wear parts in agricultural machinery ensures the efficiency and productivity of the farm machinery, thereby reducing the amount of time that machinery must be shut down due to damage.

碳化钨农用磨损件 1

Agricultural equipment is a major investment and its replacement parts should not cost more than the equipment itself. However, this doesn’t mean that a part should be of inferior quality. In most cases, there are alternatives that offer better performance. There are a variety of third-party manufacturers that produce high-quality agricultural equipment replacement parts.

Agricultural wear parts must be strong and durable to work under harsh conditions. They are typically designed to be forged or cast and made of high-strength materials. Our parts are made from 碳化钨, which is one of the hardest materials on earth.

We can produce all kinds of carbide plates, tiles, and teeth for agriculture tool parts for different applications like Rumpstad, Tine Fit, Cultivator, Shredder Knives, etc.

OEM and special designs are also accepted.

Standard Grades

年级 Binder content 硬度
YG6 6%Co 91 14.6-15.0 1600
YG8 8%Co 89 14.4-14.8 1800
YG6x 6%Co 92 14.6-15 1850
YG13 13%Co 90.5 14.1-14.5 1950
YG15 15%Co 91 14.0-14.2 2450