The misunderstanding of quality problems

The quality of the product is produced, not tested. Only in the production process of each link, strictly in accordance with the requirements of production process and operation instructions, can we ensure the quality of the product. If the process control is ignored and only inspection is adopted, it is impossible to guarantee the quality of the product. Because the quality inspection can only eliminate the defective products and waste products, and can not improve the product quality.

That is, the focus of quality control must not be on post inspection, but in the manufacturing stage, namely the production process stage.

However, many companies, once having quality problems, push their responsibilities to the quality department, and think that is the responsibility of the quality department, because many companies have such wrong views:

1) Allow a few bad, accidental defects are inevitable; 2) Quality is the responsibility of quality control department; 3) Only the inspection of products should be paid attention to, and the inspectors should be responsible for solving the defective products; 4) I think it’s a matter of quality department when there is a problem.

I think many friends who do quality work have felt this way more or less. When writing reports, quality department completes it by one person, and other departments basically ignore it; The boss thinks quality is not very important, R & D is very important, and making money is the most important. Therefore, quality department in company has no status, often said a few true words, should be flashed.

Quality problem is the embodiment of 80% management problem 2

Why is there a quality problem?

Reasons for quality problems:

1) If the problems are not handled well before product development and the yield rate is too low, we hope to save fire by quality, and improve the frequency of detection to reduce defective or unqualified products;

2) The returned materials are added, the unqualified materials have not been tested and verified in advance, and there is no accurate recognition of product quality fluctuation;

3) Customers urge to demand goods, and pressure on them, the boss talks according to their so-called practical experience, and implements special release for products not within the standard scope, which leads to product problems;

4) The industry has improved the quality standards of products, and the company still produces according to the original standards;

5) In the process of production, there are non-human quality problems, but they are not within the range of detection frequency.

Quality problem is the embodiment of 80% management problem 3

Real case of quality

Case 1: after using ABS (750sq) produced by a company and 3.4 tons of automobile parts, it is found that the plastic parts made from this material have black spots on the surface, which causes the products to be unqualified and cause great losses.

Case 2: a company produces white film for milk film, all the testing items are qualified, so the method is delivered. However, when the film manufacturer uses it, it finds the taste of the mother grain is quite unpleasant, and then complaints are made. Finally, hundreds of tons of orders, because of such a quality problem, yellow. Fortunately, the user did not produce the film, otherwise the consequences would be really unthinkable.

Case 3: because of the lack of strict color control, the color difference of the plastic parts produced by the company is caused by the lack of strict color control, which leads to the customers not using the company’s plastic products.

Case 4: due to the lack of strict control of plastic moisture, plastic manufacturers in the process of using plastic, plastic bubbles, resulting in a large number of unqualified products, the last dozens of tons of plastic, all returned, and compensation for the losses caused.   For the plastic quality cases, it is common. If all of these situations require quality department to carry black pot, it is really wrong.

The author believes that quality control is necessary in every link of the quality management system, which is obviously not fully undertaken by the quality inspection department or quality management department, and must be implemented by the personnel in the best position. For example, it is easy to find quality problems in the production process of some products, but it is difficult to find them in the test. At this time, the production operators obviously know more about the quality problems than the quality inspectors. If the operators do not actively control the quality, they can hardly guarantee the product quality simply by relying on the quality inspector.

How to control the quality of products in all directions

The product is basically positioned in the design stage, and then the quality is guaranteed by purchasing, processing, manufacturing, packaging and transportation. The quality will be controlled naturally by controlling these links. So the product quality is realized in the process of design and production, and the quality is realized through process management. How to control the product quality:

1. to establish quality is the lifeblood consciousness of an enterprise

We should realize that: the quality of products is not good, the products will not have market, products without market, the enterprise will lose its profit source, and the enterprise will fail for a long time, and the employee will lose their jobs. Of course, for companies, even if the product market is good, it is also necessary to “live in peace and think about danger”, and make the product quality better and create a better reputation for the enterprise. As the saying goes, “if you are in full bloom, the breeze comes from you.”.

2. establish the customer awareness of quality

All take customer as the center, regard themselves as customers, regard themselves as operators of the next process, and regard themselves as consumers of products. In this way, we will consciously do well in the work, and all of us have done well in the work, and the quality of products will be guaranteed. If we steal work and reduce materials in the work, it will be their vital interests to harm.

3. establish the awareness of quality prevention

Even if a lot of inspection manpower is invested in production to check, the cost of the products will be greatly increased because of the large number of defective products or even waste products produced due to the failure to control from the source. Moreover, some product quality problems may not be found and compensated from the later process, which requires us to do well in the first time to prevent the occurrence of quality problems.

4. establish the quality procedural awareness

Quality management is the whole process and the whole company. Among the processes, the work between all departments of the company must be orderly and effective. All quality management personnel and operators are required to strictly follow the procedures. If the opportunity for failure to work according to the procedure will increase, the quality of the products will not be guaranteed.

5. establish the sense of responsibility of quality

80% of quality problems are caused by management, while only 20% of the problems originate from employees. That is, the controllable defects of managers account for 80% and operators are generally less than 20%. While the manager improves the management level, it is necessary to make the operator understand the following four points: 1) the operator knows how and why he should do it; 2) The operator knows whether the products he produces meet the requirements of the specification; 3) The operator knows what consequences will be caused by the product produced by him not conforming to the specification; 4) The operator has the ability to handle the abnormal situation correctly.

6. establish the consciousness of continuous sending of quality

Quality is not the best, only better; Quality improvement is a continuous and continuous improvement process, which follows PDCA mode. PDCA mode can be described as follows: p-plan: make improvement plan according to the requirements of products; D – Implementation: implementation plan; C-inspection: inspect the process and product according to the product requirements; A-disposal: take measures to continuously improve the product quality.

7. establish the cost awareness of quality

To ensure quality and pursue profit is the enterprise’s eternal goal. In order to develop, enterprises have to pay attention to the cost of production, but the cost is closely related to quality. If the quality of the products is not good, the customer often complain about the return of the products, the cost will remain high, even push the enterprise to the extreme.

8. establish the educational consciousness of quality

With the development of the times, the concept of quality management is constantly updated, which needs to be learned. The successful enterprises in the new era will belong to those learning and growing enterprises, strengthen internal training and improve the innovation ability of the whole staff, which will make the enterprises prosperous and changing with each passing day. So, “quality begins with education, and finally education.”

It turns out that those successful enterprises strictly carry out product production in accordance with the concept of “product is produced”. They strictly control every link of product production to ensure that the quality of each link is not wrong, and the products produced are qualified and can withstand the inspection of the market.

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