When rolling clock spring and sheet parts of steel, non-ferrous metals and alloy materials, using cemented carbide roll instead of steel roll can significantly reduce the friction during rolling, so as to obtain a smooth surface, reduce defects such as workpiece scratch and adhesion, and improve the wear resistance dozens of times. However, in order to widely use cemented carbide roll, in addition to the limitations of the material itself, the most important thing is that the working surface of cemented carbide roll requires high precision and smoothness.

Precautions for Installation of Cemented Carbide Roll 2

Installing steps

Cemented carbide roll ring is a tool material with high hardness and high wear resistance composed of tungsten carbide and bonding metal. To make cemented carbide roll ring give full play to its advantages of high wear resistance, long service life and high efficiency in high-speed wire rod rolling, we need to pay attention to the following matters during installation:

1. Roll matching: on the same frame, the warp difference of the same roll shall be 0, no more than plus or minus 0.05mm

2.Before installing the roll, the roll ring and cone sleeve shall be kept warm at a constant temperature of 25-30 ℃, and the roll shaft shall be poured with hot water or idled for 20 minutes to preheat.

3.The insert sleeve and upper machine assembly of the roll ring shall be carried out in strict accordance with the accuracy required by the design process. The roll ring shall be properly matched with the roll shaft and cone sleeve of the frame, and shall not be too tight or loose 

4. Before starting the machine, check whether the roll ring meets the requirements, and the assembly surface of the roll ring, cone sleeve and shaft shall be carefully scrubbed. It is strictly prohibited to knock the roll ring with a hammer or other hard objects when starting the machine. It is strictly prohibited to collide with each other during transportation and installation to prevent damage to the roll ring.

Introduction of cemented carbide roll

Precautions for Installation of Cemented Carbide Roll 3

1.Cemented carbide roller ring (also known as tungsten carbide roller ring) has superior performance, stable quality, high machining precision, good wear resistance and high impact resistance.

2.Cemented carbide roll is made of tungsten carbide and cobalt by powder metallurgy. Cemented carbide roll has two types: integral type and combined type.

3.Cemented carbide roll has high hardness, and its hardness value changes little with temperature. The hardness value at 700 ℃ is 4 times that of high-speed steel; The elastic modulus, compressive strength, flexural strength and thermal conductivity of tool steel are more than twice higher than those of tool steel. Due to the high thermal conductivity of cemented carbide roll, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the high temperature reaction time between roll and harmful impurities in cooling water is short. Therefore, cemented carbide roll is more resistant to corrosion and cold and hot fatigue than tool steel roll.

Precautions for Installation of Cemented Carbide Roll 4

Brief intro of our company

Meetyou cemented carbide is a well-known cemented carbide processing and production enterprise in China. The company mainly produces and sells cemented carbide molds, cemented carbide plates, cemented carbide disc cutters, cemented carbide round rods, cemented carbide balls, cemented carbide rollers, cemented carbide ball teeth, cemented carbide punch needles, non-standard special-shaped alloy processing, etc.

You can also customize all kinds of cemented carbide molds, cemented carbide drawing molds, tungsten steel punching needles, tungsten steel spare parts, and non-standard customization of all tungsten steel products.Precautions for Installation of Cemented Carbide Roll 5


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