The cutting tool industry has witnessed the emergence of many well-known cutting tool brands. In this blog post, we share information about several renowned cutting tool manufacturers for your reference.


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Brand Name: Sandvik Coromant

Company Name: Sandvik

Place of Origin: Sweden

Sandvik’s Three Major Business Areas:

Sandvik Coromant Cutting Tools

Sandvik Coromant dominates the global market in the industry of manufacturing metal cutting tools and tooling equipment, as well as the production of tool blades and bars. The products in this industry are manufactured from carbides, high-speed steel, and other hard materials, including diamond and special ceramics. Mature brands within this industry include Sandvik Coromant, Sandvik Hard Materials, Walter, Kennametal, Safety, and Dormer.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology focuses on providing machinery and carbide tools for mining and construction industries that involve excavation of minerals. The machinery, carbide tools, and technical support provided in this industry are globally leading. This sector serves five customer groups: underground soft rock, underground hard rock, open-pit mining, construction machinery, and exploration.

Sandvik Materials Technology

As one of the business areas of the Sandvik Group, Sandvik Materials Technology manufactures high-value-added advanced stainless steel, special alloys, metal and ceramic heat materials, as well as conveyor belts and sorting systems. These products hold a leading position globally. The product range includes steel pipes, steel bars, precision and coated steel strips, Kanthal, Sandvik Conveyor Systems, and medical metal materials.

Company Website:

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Brand Name: Kennametal

Company Name: Kennametal

Place of Origin: United States

Kennametal, founded in 1938, operates in various industries ranging from the automotive and aerospace sectors to textile machinery, the electronics industry, road construction, and petroleum extraction. Renowned for its high-quality and comprehensive products as well as impeccable services, Kennametal has enjoyed a stellar reputation worldwide for six decades. It is a leader in the North American metal cutting industry and one of the world’s largest suppliers of professional cutting tools. Simultaneously, Kennametal excels in the mining and road construction tools industry, with its cutting-edge metal cutting tools maintaining a prominent position in the modern manufacturing field. Company Website:

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Brand Name: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Company Name: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Place of Origin: Japan Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Group, with its extensive expertise and patented knowledge in metal processing accumulated over the years, plays a vital role in supporting the development of various industries in the field of processed products. In the manufacturing process, operations such as cutting, grinding, and drilling heavily rely on super-hard tools and diamond tools. Sintered mechanical parts installed in critical areas of automobiles, electrical products, and small electric motors, as well as widely used high-performance materials in basic industries and cutting-edge scientific fields—featuring heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and functional materials—represent the forefront of technological advancements in the current era.

Company Website:

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Brand Name: Seco

Company Name: Seco Tools AB

Place of Origin: Sweden

Seco Tools AB, headquartered in Sweden, is a leading global manufacturer of hard metal cutting tools with 50 subsidiaries in major industrial countries around the world. Seco’s product range includes milling cutters, turning tools, threading tools, drills, reamers, and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) inserts, among others. In the early 2000s, Seco successfully implemented a strategic acquisition plan by acquiring the French family-owned company EPB. Renowned as a premier provider of cutting tool systems and boring tools globally, Seco is celebrated for its top-notch product performance and exceptional technical services. Seco’s products have gained widespread recognition from customers both domestically and internationally. Company Website:

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Brand Name: Vargus

Company Name: Vargus Ltd.

Place of Origin: Israel

Vargus – Pioneering the Cutting Tool Industry Vargus Ltd. is a leading developer, manufacturer, and producer of advanced high-precision cutting tools globally, renowned in both the metalworking and plastic industries. The company offers a diverse range of over ten thousand products, including SHAVIV manual deburring tools and VARDEX threading and thread milling cutting tools. Established in 1960, Vargus Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Germany-based EHRENBERG multinational group. Our advanced manufacturing and marketing systems serve customers in over 100 countries worldwide. Company Website:

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Brand Name: BASS

Company Name: BASS

Place of Origin: Germany

BASS’s main products are categorized into the following major types:


Standard and custom-designed products based on customer requirements, made from cobalt high-speed steel or carbides.

Taps with axial cooling holes.

High-speed taps.

Taps with extended shanks.

Push Taps

Standard and custom-designed products based on customer requirements, made from cobalt high-speed steel or carbides.

Push taps with axial cooling holes.

Thread Mills

Standard and custom-designed products based on customer requirements.carbide thread mills with center cooling.

Thread Dies

Standard and custom-designed products based on customer requirements, made from cobalt high-speed steel. Company Website:

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Brand Name: KYOCERA

Company Name: KYOCERA Corporation

Place of Origin: Japan

KYOCERA Corporation was established on April 1, 1959. Hideo Tanimoto is the current President and CEO. The company’s capital is ¥115,733.2 million. As of March 31, 2006, the annual sales amounted to ¥1,181,489 million, with a total of 183 group companies, including affiliates, and 61,468 employees. KYOCERA CERATIP Sanlex Tools is a professional tool manufacturer specializing in indexable cutting tools used in turning, milling, and CNC machining centers. It is a new generation of tools developed by KYOCERA Corporation, leveraging the world’s most advanced precision ceramic technology. With an unwavering spirit of innovation and the application of cutting-edge material technology, the company has developed a new generation of tools, including ceramics, metal ceramics, metal ceramic coatings, cemented carbide, cemented carbide coatings, diamonds, cubic boron nitride, and more. The main products include internal and external turning tools, small part machining tools, grooving tools, cut-off tools, threading tools, drilling tools, flat milling tools, end milling tools, and more. These tools are designed to meet a wide range of processing requirements, guided by the goals of higher speed and durability. Company Website:

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Brand Name: Meetyou

Company Name: Meetyou cemented carbide Co. Ltd.

Place of Origin: China

Meetyou Carbide is located in Zhuzhou, Hunan, the hometown of China’s cemented carbide industry. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the development, production, and sales of cemented carbide products. Over the years, we have provided efficient solutions for 3C, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing, and other industries. As one of the biggest tungsten carbide manufacturers in Zhuzhou, China, we are firm in our original intention, brave to innovate, and continue to move forward, striving to be the first-class carbide manufacturer in China and creating a world-renowned brand! Meetyou Carbide meets your needs!



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