What Else can Knurling Cutters Cope with Besides Knurling 2

Custom knurling knife is a fast processing method for special knurling.In the knurling processing, general will encounter such as straight grain knurling and anilox roll processing situation, again a little bit complicated, may be to processing end face of the knurling, but if the knurling requirements of the products is V, this special grain processing knurled will have great difficulty, large amount of products, custom knurled wheel and cutting tool can be processed smoothly.

Mesh knurled end face rolling

 V-shaped rolling flower

V-shaped rolling pattern road is also known as herringbone rolling flower, which belongs to a non-standard rolling pattern road. There is no such roller on the market for now. This V-shaped pattern is very special and can be processed only after special processing. V-shaped knurled is often used in knurled nuts, knurled screws and other products.

What Else can Knurling Cutters Cope with Besides Knurling 3

V-shaped knurling pattern

Generally, the conventional processing method is to carve the grain directly through programming, but this method is difficult to program first, followed by relatively low production efficiency and high cost. There are two processes, one is left twill, and the other is right twill. This processing method is easy to lead to asymmetric knurling grain.

What Else can Knurling Cutters Cope with Besides Knurling 4

V-shaped knurled wheel

If the number of processed products is large, it is recommended to use customized knurling wheel and cutter. This kind of V-shaped knurling cutter can be used to press out V-shaped knurling at one time

What Else can Knurling Cutters Cope with Besides Knurling 5

Lathe embossing cutter

Straight line embossing


1. Cold working deformable materials

2. Suitable for processing all patterns, including mark knurling

3. Suitable for end face knurling and inner hole knurling

matters needing attention:

1. Knurling of thin wall workpiece

2. Processing stainless steel, the effect is general

Advantages of embossing:

1. The tool can start machining at any position of the workpiece

2. It can be knurled to the root of the workpiece, and can be processed by cutting

3. After knurling, the diameter of the workpiece will increase and the surface of the workpiece will be compressed

4. Compared with the cutting process, the radial pressure of rolling process is large, and improper operation is easy to damage the machine tool

What Else can Knurling Cutters Cope with Besides Knurling 6

straight line Cutting


1. Suitable for machining all materials

2. Suitable for knurling of thin wall workpiece

3. The quality of the pattern is excellent, and the surface of the pattern is smooth and uniform

4. High precision of knurling pattern

matters needing attention:

1. The processing range is limited, so it can’t be processed in full size

2. It can only process straight and convex net pattern

3. The cutter can only move axially on the cylindrical workpiece

4. The tool can only be machined from the starting end of the workpiece. When machining from the middle of the workpiece, it must be grooved first

5. The cutting tool needs to be set and adjusted accurately, otherwise the perfect effect can not be achieved

Cutting advantages:

1. The diameter of the workpiece has no obvious change after machining

2. Minimum surface compression

3. The quality of the processed flower shape is excellent, and the surface of the flower shape is smooth and uniform

4. Compared with extrusion knurling, the radial pressure is smaller

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