The difference between u-drill and ordinary drill is that u-drill uses blades – peripheral blade and central blade. From this point of view, the relationship between u-drill and ordinary hard drill is almost the same as that between machine clamp turning tool and welding turning tool. After the u-drill is worn, the blade can be replaced directly without regrinding.

How to Avoid Malfunction of Carbide U Type Drills 2

After all, the use of indexable blade is still less material than the whole hard drill, and the consistency of blade is easier to control the size of parts. So, u drill is a good choice for you!

U-drill can drill holes on the surface with inclination angle less than 30 ° without reducing cutting parameters.

When the cutting parameters of u-drill are reduced by 30%, intermittent cutting can be realized, such as intersecting hole, intersecting hole and perforating hole.

U-drill can drill multi-step holes, and can bore, chamfer, eccentric drilling.

When u drilling, most of the cuttings are short, and the internal cooling system can be used for safe chip removal without cleaning the cuttings on the tool, which is conducive to the continuity of product processing, shorten the processing time and improve the efficiency.

Under the condition of standard length diameter ratio, there is no need for chip removal when u drill is used.

U-drill is a indexable tool, which does not need to be sharpened after the blade is worn. It is convenient to replace and has low cost.

The surface roughness value of the hole processed by u-drill is small and the tolerance range is small, which can replace the work of some boring cutters.

The u-drill does not need to drill the center hole, and the bottom surface of the blind hole is relatively flat, so the flat bottom bit is omitted.

The use of u-drill technology can not only reduce the number of drilling tools, but also save a lot of time for grinding and tool replacement, which can improve the work efficiency by 6 ~ 7 times.

Common problems of u drill

Blade damage is too fast, easy to break, processing costs increase.

The cutting state is not normal due to the harsh whistling during machining.

The machine tool shakes, which affects the machining accuracy of the machine tool.

Key points for using u-drill

The installation of u drill should pay attention to the positive and negative directions, which blade is up, which blade is down, which face is inside and which face is outside.

The center height of u-drill must be corrected, and the control range is required according to its diameter, which is generally controlled within 0.1 mm. The smaller the diameter of u-drill, the higher the center height requirement. If the center height is not good, the two sides of u-drill will be worn, the hole diameter will be too large, the service life of blade will be shortened, and small u-drill is easy to break.

The u-drill has a high requirement for coolant. It is necessary to ensure that the coolant is ejected from the center of the u-drill. The greater the pressure of the coolant, the better. The redundant outlet of the turret can be blocked to ensure the pressure.

The cutting parameters of the u-drill are strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, but the blade of different brands and the power of the machine tool should also be considered. During the processing, the load value of the machine tool can be referred to for appropriate adjustment. Generally, high speed and low feed are used.

The u-drill blade should be inspected frequently and replaced in time. Different blades should not be installed reversely.

The feed is adjusted according to the hardness of the workpiece and the length of the tool overhanging. The harder the workpiece is, the larger the tool overhanging is, and the smaller the tool feed should be.

Do not use excessive wear blade, should be recorded in production blade wear and the number of workpieces can be processed, timely replacement of new blade.

Use sufficient and correct internal coolant pressure. The main function of coolant is chip removal and cooling.

U drill can not be used to process soft materials, such as copper, soft aluminum, etc.

How to Avoid Malfunction of Carbide U Type Drills 3

Technics of using u-drill in CNC machine tools

  1. When u-drill is used, it has higher requirements on the rigidity of machine tool and the neutrality of tool and workpiece, so u-drill is suitable for high-power, high rigidity and high speed CNC machine tools.
  2. When using u-drill, the central blade should be tough and the peripheral blade should be sharp.
  3. When machining different materials, different groove type inserts should be selected. Generally, when the feed is small, the tolerance is small and the length diameter ratio of u-drill is large, the groove type inserts with smaller cutting force should be selected. Otherwise, when the rough machining, tolerance is large and the length diameter ratio of u-drill is small, the groove type inserts with larger cutting force should be selected.
  4. When using the u-drill, we must consider the spindle power of the machine tool, the clamping stability of the u-drill, the pressure and flow of the cutting fluid, and control the chip removal effect of the u-drill, otherwise the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of the hole will be greatly affected.
  5. When clamping the u-drill, make sure that the center of the u-drill coincides with the center of the workpiece and is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece.
  6. When u drill is used, appropriate cutting parameters should be selected according to different parts materials.
  7. When cutting with u-drill, do not reduce the feed rate or rotate speed at will because of being careful and afraid, so as to damage the u-drill blade or the u-drill.
  8. When u-drill is used for machining, if the blade is worn or damaged, carefully analyze the reasons and replace the blade with better toughness or wear resistance.
  9. When u-drill is used to process stepped holes, it is necessary to start from large holes and then small holes.
  10. When using the U drill, pay attention to that the cutting fluid should have enough pressure to flush out the chips.
  11. The blades used in the center and edge of u drill are different. Do not use them wrongly, otherwise the U drill rod will be damaged.
  12. When u drill is used for drilling, workpiece rotation, tool rotation and tool and workpiece rotation at the same time can be adopted. However, when the tool moves in linear feed mode, the most commonly used method is workpiece rotation.

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