Cut-to-Length (CTL) Tungsten Carbide Rod, Ground, Polished, Chamfer one end

We have one of the largest and most complete lines of ground CTL carbide rods for cutting tool blanks in stock. Meetyou Carbide proudly announces that we have achieved the best cost-effectiveness for this kind of rods for cutting tool blanks. Because we use a unique method of pressing technology combined with the supreme quality powder from Germany H.C.Starck.


Our standard tolerance for the diameter is h6 polished. We can also provide h5 polished or other tolerance as per your requirement.


Both advanced wire cutting and diamond wheel cutting are applied to cut the carbide rod into the length you need.

One End

45 degree chamfered one end is provided for better looking and a smooth edge.

  • Complete lines of ground cut to length carbide rod for cutting tool blanks
  • Standard h6 ISO diameter tolerances in inch and metric lengths and diameters
  • Special perform like male center, female center, ball nose, step reduction, and shaped points, etc are available according to your drawing

Standard Size ,Metric, Milimeter

Φ3.0 X 60

Φ8.0 X 50

Φ12.0 X 120

Φ4.0 X 40

Φ8.0 X 60

Φ13.0 X 100

Φ4.0 X 46

Φ8.0 X 63

Φ14.0 X 75

Φ4.0 X 50

Φ8.0 X 75

Φ14.0 X 80

Φ4.0 X 60

Φ8.0 X 90

Φ14.0 X 83

Φ4.0 X 75

Φ8.0 X 100

Φ14.0 X 100

Φ4.0 X 100

Φ10.0 X 50

Φ16.0 X 80

Φ5.0 X 50

Φ10.0 X 70

Φ16.0 X 90

Φ5.0 X 60

Φ10.0 X 72

Φ20.0 X 100

Φ5.0 X 100

Φ10.0 X 75

Φ6.0 X 40

Φ10.0 X 80

Φ6.0 X 50

Φ10.0 X 90

Φ6.0 X 58

Φ10.0 X 100

Φ6.0 X 60

Φ12.0 X 70

Φ6.0 X 67

Φ12.0 X 79

Φ6.0 X 75

Φ12.0 X 83

Φ6.0 X 100

Φ12.0 X 100

OEM Custom Service

We can develop grades as per your requirement and make the same shape as your drawing. Laser marking and neutral package are also available for your benefits.


Grade Chart
grade MT09UMT10SMT12SMT25SMT06UMT20.8
ISO range K10-K20K20-K40K20-K40K20-K40K05-K10K40-K50
WC+other carbide%9190888893.585
WC grain sizeμm0.
HRA 93.591.591.292.593.589.5
transverse rupture strengthN/mm²380041004200440037003800
kpsi 590609638540551551
fracture toughnessMpa.m½10.214.214.713.510.117.5
young’s moduluskpsi867808536080860800009100079086
compressive strengthkpsi11451015101011091156957
The Application
Properties and applications
Ultra-fine grain WC with 9%Co Very high wear resistance and excellent deformation resistance High cutting speed milling, finishing For use on hardened steel, plastics, fibre reinforced materials, HRC55-65
Ultra-fine grain WC with 10%Co  Very high wear resistance and excellent deformation resistance High cutting speed milling&drilling For general usage and suitable for all kinds of material belowHRC45
Submicron grain WC with 12%Co High toughness and wear resistance Specially designed for machining stainless steel For use on stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium alloy and special alloy
Ultra-fine grain WC with 12%Co Very high toughness and high wear resistance Suitable for finishing processing and roughing of steels with hardness between 45 and 55HRC steels for surface treatments, nickel and nickel alloys
Submicron grain WC with 6% Co Very high wear resistance High cutting speed For drilling and milling of plastic composites, PCB, ceramics, woods and MDF
Submicron grain WC with 15%Co High strength and toughness High-speed punching For use on solid carbide punches