10 Main types of rolling bearing

A rolling bearing is a precision mechanical component that changes the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat into rolling friction, thereby reducing friction loss. The rolling bearing is generally composed of an inner ring, an outer ring, a rolling body, and a cage. The inner ring is matched with the shaft and rotates together with the shaft; the outer ring acts to cooperate with the bearing seat to support the rolling body; The rolling element is evenly distributed between the inner ring and the outer ring, and its shape and quantity directly affect the service performance … Read more

4 Common Metal Surface treatments to Date

The Concept of Metal Surface Treatment It refers to the process of changing the surface condition and properties of parts and optimizing its combination with matrix materials to meet the predetermined performance requirements by using the edge new technologies of modern physical, chemical, metallurgy and heat treatment disciplines. Classification of Metal Surface Treatment Technologies 1. Surface modification The surface chemical composition of the material is not affected by changing the surface microstructure and stress state of the material. 2. Surface Alloying Technology Adding new materials into the matrix to form alloying layer. 3. Surface film technology Chemical reaction between additive … Read more

What is Cast Iron?

For most guys working in the industry of metal machining, Cast iron must be a kind of familiar material. What is cast iron? First of all, it’s a sort of ferro-carbon alloy that contains more than 2.11% of carbon and small amounts of Si, Mn, S, and P. The mechanical properties of cast iron are lower than that of cast steel. But it has excellent castability, shock absorption, wear resistance and cutting machinability. The production process is simple and the cost is low. It is one of the most commonly used metal materials in engineering. Classification of Cast Iron The … Read more

8 Common Microstructures of Metal and Alloy

Modern materials can be divided into four categories: metals, polymers, ceramics and composite materials. Despite the rapid development of macromolecule materials, steel is still the most widely used and most important material in the current engineering technology. What factors determine the dominant position of steel materials? Now let’s introduce it in detail. Iron and steel are extracted from iron ore, rich in sources and low in price. Iron and steel, also known as iron-carbon alloy, is an alloy composed of iron (Fe) and carbon (C), silicon (Si), manganese (Mn), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S) and other small elements (Cr, V, etc.). … Read more

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